ansi color code and text format

자바 console에서 텍스트 포맷과 컬러에 대한 값을 주기 위한 내용입니다.

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Listing of ANSI escape sequences

ESC code sequence Function
cursor controls
ESC[#;#H or ESC[#;#f moves cursor to line #, column #
ESC[#A moves cursor up # lines
ESC[#B moves cursor down # lines
ESC[#C moves cursor right # spaces
ESC[#D moves cursor left # spaces
ESC[#;#R reports current cursor line & column
ESC[s save cursor position for recall later
ESC[u Return to saved cursor position
erase functions
ESC[2J clear screen and home cursor
ESC[K clear to end of line
color and text formatting
ESC[#(;#)m there can be multiple text formatting sequence numbers separated by a ; and ending with an m where the # is of the following values:
0 normal display
1 bold
4 underline (mono only)
5 blink on
7 reverse video on
8 nondisplayed (invisible)
foreground colors
30 black
31 red
32 green
33 yellow
34 blue
35 magenta
36 cyan
37 white
background colors
40 black
41 red
42 green
43 yellow
44 blue
45 magenta
46 cyan
47 white

screen modesESC[=#;7h or
ESC[=h or
ESC[=0h or
ESC[?7hput screen in indicated mode where # is:

0 40 x 25 black & white
1 40 x 25 color
2 80 x 25 b&w
3 80 x 25 color
4 320 x 200 color graphics
5 320 x 200 b & w graphics
6 640 x 200 b & w graphics
7 to wrap at end of line

ESC[=#;7l or
ESC[=l or
ESC[=0l or
ESC[?7lresets mode # set with above command

ANSI codes

Black            \e[0;30m
Blue             \e[0;34m
Green            \e[0;32m
Cyan             \e[0;36m
Red              \e[0;31m
Purple           \e[0;35m
Brown            \e[0;33m
Gray             \e[0;37m
Dark Gray        \e[1;30m
Light Blue       \e[1;34m
Light Green      \e[1;32m
Light Cyan       \e[1;36m
Light Red        \e[1;31m
Light Purple     \e[1;35m
Yellow           \e[1;33m
White            \e[1;37m

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