HTTP4e Rest Client

현재 회사에서 인턴에게 일을 시키려 했던 HTTP 테스팅 프레임웍의 형태가 이미 이클립스 플러그인으로 있네요.
HTTP4e Rest Client
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Eclipse HTTP Client (HTTP4e)  is an Eclipse plugin for making HTTP and
RESTful calls. Build with user experience in mind, it simplifies the
developer/QA job of testing Web Services, REST, JSON and HTTP. It is a useful
tool for your daily job of  HTTP header tampering and hacking.


  • Making/Replaying an HTTP call directly from Eclipse IDE
  • Visual Editors for HTTP headers, parameters and body
  • Tabbed browsing (allowing replaying different RESTful, HTTP calls on
    separate tabs)
  • History support (persisting your valuable REST calls)
  • One-click  HTTP code generation to Java, PHP, C#, Flex/ActionScript,
    Cocoa/Objective-C, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic
  • One-click JMeter script generation
  • Import and export HTTP4e replay script
  • Export HTTP sessions as HTML report
  • Import raw HTTP packets and Firefox’s Live HTTP headers
  • Aesthetic UI, Code assist, Headers auto-suggest, Syntax coloring
  • “Raw”, “Pretty”, “Hex”, “Browser” and “JSON” views
  • Proxy Configuration
  • BASIC and DIGEST Authentication
  • SSL/HTTPS support
  • Unicode UTF8 support
  • HTTP tampering
  • Available on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris